Traffic Cop Offers To Pay Half Womanís Ticket.
Posted by MATT DAVIS on Thu, May 17 at 10:16 AM

A woman fined $109 last June for speeding on the Morrison Bridge says the cop who caught her offered to pay half the ticket. trafficticket.jpgTRAFFIC TICKETS: Now with 50% off!

The un-named copís unusual offer came to light at the copsí Citizens Review Committee meeting on Tuesday night, as part of a complaint made by the woman, who alleged the officer had failed to properly advise her on her options in court.

After the woman filed a complaint with the Independent Police Review, the officer contacted her by email offering to pay for half the ticket. His actions were found to constitute a breach of the Bureauís professional conduct rules by its Performance Review Board, although the womanís original complaint about receiving bad advice was turned down because it is not a copís job to give legal advice.