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    Default Decatur Radar Australia and QLD Police under investigation.

    Queensland Police Service in Australia released A Media document on the 17th May 2007 regarding a Court challenge which took place in a QLD court.

    The trial which took place over 4 days with many witnesses giving evidence and found in favor of Decatur is now under investigation by QLD Police Ethical Standards Command.

    Some documents which were subpoenaed by the defense team were not supplied!

    QLD Police denied these documents existed which were crucial to the defense team.

    On a US web site the Australian Decatur agent insisted Decatur and QLD Police had acted truthfully in all ways and supplied all the evidence which should lay to rest any further cases. The blatant dishonesty was evident from the day the faulty units were withdrawn for upgrades.

    Documents obtained by the defense team after the case was completed have indicated a cover up by members of the QLD Police service. Crucial evidence for the defense team was withheld denying justice for the defendant!

    A number of officers are now under investigation by the Ethical Standards Command for further recommendations to be supplied to the Crimes and Misconduct Commission.

    A Senior Engineer representing the QLD Police Service is now suspect and about to be investigated about his expertise!

    We will bring further highlights as they come to surface.

    May 17, 2007

    Response to Channel 9 re: Decatur Court Case

    The matters raised by Channel 9 in relation to evidence presented in a court case over the calibration of the Decatur speed devices has been referred to the Queensland Police Ethical Standards Command for assessment.

    If there is any improper behaviour or misconduct the Ethical Standards Command will then refer it to the Crime and Misconduct Commission for their attention.

    At this stage it would be premature to comment until all the facts are known.

    Issued by Kevin Loomes Acting Director Media and Public Affairs Branch Phone 07 3015

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    so what actually happened?



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