Thursday, May 24, 2007
Indiana Adopts $1000 Speeding Tickets
The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) will soon be the direct beneficiary of speeding ticket revenue under a bill recently signed by Governor Mitch Daniels (R). The measure gives INDOT the power to decrease speed limits "without conducting an engineering study and investigation" in highway work zones. INDOT can direct police to enforce this lowered limit, regardless of whether workers are actually present. The law also mandates that no work zone speed limit exceed 45 MPH. As of July 1, INDOT will collect the revenue from these fines which the law also boosts significantly. The first offense runs $300, the second $500 and the third $1000. Anyone contesting the fine in court faces an additional $70 fee if found guilty. The bill also creates a new work zone category for "aggressive driving" that makes it a misdemeanor to drive 46 MPH in a freeway work zone while flashing headlights and honking the horn at a slow-moving car in the left lane, or any other combination of three maneuvers deemed aggressive. The first offense carries a $5000 fine and up to one year in jail, while a second offense is a felony punishable by up to three years in jail and a $10,000 fine. "I would like to thank the governor for his quick action in signing these important bills into law," said the state Senate sponsor of the legislation, Mike Delph (R-Carmel).
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