Speeding, Aggressive Drivers Beware
Tom Murray
MILWAUKEE - Here's your warning. Milwaukee police are putting more cops on the street to catch speeding and aggressive drivers this summer.

Officer Gregg Duran straddled his Harley-Davidson police motorcycle and pointed his radar gun. He's poised to nab a speeding driver.

"This right lane's good, 42," he said as he clocked a driver traveling 42 in a 25.

When Duran approached the car, he noticed the driver was not wearing a seatbelt.

"We're going to give him a warning for speeding and seat belt ticket today," Duran told TODAY'S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray.

A $25,000 grant from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation will pay overtime to traffic cops like Officer Duran this summer. MPD's goal, catch drivers that make the city's roads dangerous for other drivers.

Sargeant Mark Stanmeyer knows that most drivers travel a little over the limit. He said officers look for the speeder that stands out.

"We'll determine exactly which car it is that's speeding the greatest and we'll stop you," said Stanmeyer.

Officer Duran has a new tool that allows him to do his job more efficiently. He rides the only motorcycle in Milwaukee's force equipped with an on-board computer. Duran can run license numbers and print tickets from the laptop mounted behind his seat. He saves time because he doesn't have to call in driver information to a dispatcher or write the ticket by hand. Duran said the computer cuts the time it takes him to issue a citation in half.

"We realize that we have to do a job," he said. "But, we don't want to inconvenience people anymore than necessary. It's just kind of a nice thing to get them on the road a little quicker as well."

MPD plans to install computers on other motorcycles soon.

When it comes to aggressive drivers, officers will be looking for people who tail gate, run red lights and cut people off. The increased speeding and aggressive driving enforcement is in effect now.