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    Default PA - PITTSBURGH Police get ENRADD

    KDKA) PITTSBURGH Pittsburgh police now have a new weapon to help keep the streets of the city a little safer by bringing speeders to a stop.

    It's called ENRADD, or an Electronic Non-Radar Detection Device.

    Traffic control officers station two infrared sensors on the street. As motorists pass through the beams, the sensors measure just how fast the vehicle is traveling.

    "There's two infrared beams, one high frequency one low frequency," Sgt. Terry Donnelly explained. "When the vehicles pass through there, it determines their speed – transmits it to the receiving head and that's how we go ahead and get our speed off of it."

    Since officers can be in their vehicles up to a quarter of a mile away with the transmitter, unsuspecting speeders don't know they've been busted until it's too late.

    “What’s nice is they don’t see it,” Pittsburgh Police Commander Scott Schuster told KDKA.

    Schubert says this system is faster and more accurate than other speed detection methods because it removes human error that can result from officers using stopwatches to clock how fast cars are moving.

    With the help of this device, officers stopped over 1,100 drivers and issued over 600 citations in the past three weeks alone.

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    Default wow

    Wow, now Western PA has it. Sounds like we have some work to do.

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