Aggressive driving continues to be a problem in Eastern Idaho and this week Idaho State Police plan to do something about it.

State Trooper Robert Rausch says, "Things like speeding, driving to closely, and a failure to yield, people will not use their turn signals." And wouldn't you know we caught all three of those and in record time.

Local News 8 rode along with an ISP trooper on Sunday to see how aggressive drivers really are.

The first law breaker was doing 80mph, in a 55mph zone.

The soon to be ticket holder claimed to be doing 77, but had no idea that was still 23 miles over the speed limit.

For that, she received a ticket of $117.

Quite a fine, but not as much as law breaker number two.

She made a couple of unsafe lane changes, yet is quick to blame things on the vehicle in front of her, which she claims was driving to slow

There's no minimum speed out here yet there are minimum behavior standards.

Trooper Rausch took her license back to his car, only to find out it expired four months ago.

That combined with the reckless driving, a whopping one hundred and forty eight dollars.

The third driver Trooper Rausch pulled over, failed to yield while the officer was stopped on the side of the highway.

Trooper Rausch reminds drivers to move over on the side of the road when their lights are on.

The trooper emphasized that over 120 officers are killed each year because of being hit by oncoming traffic. But lucky for this driver, Trooper Rausch let his risky behavior off with a warning.
This week officers will emphasize educating the public on safety matters, making sure the roads are safe to drive on, and always enforcing the law when necessary.