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    Default WA - Sharpe Eyes in the Sky and Quick Work on the Ground Net

    Sharpe Eyes in the Sky and Quick Work on the Ground Net Speeders

    On July 11, 2006, Washington State Patrol Troopers on the ground in marked and unmarked patrol cars teamed up with a WSP Aviation unit for a speed emphasis at the Preston “Dip” on I-90 at mile post 23. The 2 ˝ hour emphasis stopped 28 speeders. The average speed was 90.5 mph in a 70mph zone. The fastest speeds were posted by motorcycles (sport bikes) at 134mph, 120mph and 108mph respectively. Both riders of the first two motorcycle stops were arrested for Reckless Driving and booked into the King County Jail. Two dump truck combinations were also stopped for exceeding the truck speed limit of 60mph.
    The Washington State Patrol will continue to utilize both ground and air resources to combat speeding and save lives in King County.
    Background: According to the Washington State Department of Transportation 2006 1st Quarter Speed Report, I-90 at Preston tops the list for highest speeds in Washington. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration sights speeding as the most prevalent contributing factor in traffic crashes nationally. Motorcycle registrations in Washington State have increased 60% since 1999. Most motorcycle fatalities occur during daylight, on dry roadways between April and September.

    LOPSL - looks like they are at it again this year, they've already been spotted doing this last weekend.

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    Don't know about the Preston dip, but it appears that they were at it today in the Seattle/Eastside area. Got the dispatcher calling out several speeders on my scanner - north seattle, south seattle and eastside.



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