Extra cops to crack down on Greenville vandals, speeders

By Susan Squires
Post-Crescent staff writer

GREENVILLE — Deputies from the Outagamie County Sheriff’s Department will devote about 270 additional hours between now and year’s end to policing areas of the town with vandalism and speeding problems.

Under an agreement approved Tuesday by the Outagamie County Board, the town, which doesn’t have its own police department, will pay the county $12,000 for coverage above and beyond what the county typically provides.

“They’re growing to the point where they have some growing pains,” Sheriff Brad Gehring said. The town’s population is about 8,750.

The county will dispatch the extra patrol units only when it has more than six officers on duty and primarily at night and on weekends.

“We’re not shorting anybody else in Outagamie County to do this,” Gehring said.

Town Chairman Randy Leiker said Tuesday the town has formed a task force to evaluate its policing needs. The group will begin meeting later this month, and will probably make its recommendations in about three months, Leiker said.

Meanwhile, the county will compile data on the nature and number of deputies’ contacts in Greenville.

“We’ll see how effective this is,” Leiker said.

Last year, vandals damaged facilities and equipment at Jennerjohn and Community parks in the town, and thieves made off with building materials from town property, prompting Greenville not only to budget for additional patrols, but also to buy six surveillance cameras to monitor public property.