Scottsdale, state work deal to keep speed cameras flashing
Brian Powell, Tribune
Scottsdale and the state have agreed to the terms of a deal that will keep the Loop 101 photo enforcement cameras clicking. The city plans to release further details of the agreement today, and the City Council is scheduled to vote on the plan Tuesday.

Scottsdale in January was authorized by Gov. Janet Napolitano to operate the six cameras along the city’s stretch of Loop 101 through June 30 while the state developed its own freeway enforcement program.

The state program is not ready, so the two sides began working on an arrangement that allows the cameras to continue citing speeding motorists traveling at least 76 mph in the 65 mph zone.

City spokesman Pat Dodds said the Arizona Department of Public Safety will now be issuing the tickets that typically cost $162, but the tickets will still be processed in Scottsdale City Court.

Dodds also said Redflex, the city’s current photo enforcement vendor, will operate the cameras beyond July 1 until the new vendor, American Traffic Solutions, has its equipment installed and is ready to assume operations.

Dodds did not know if there would be an interruption in citations.

“The goal is to not have any down time for the system,” Dodds said.

Scottsdale started a nine-month pilot program in January 2006 and issued more than 90,000 citations through October, when the cameras were turned off. An Arizona State University professor’s report showed the program slowed traffic and reduced collisions.

The cameras were turned back on in February. The city is estimating a general fund profit of $1.4 million through June.
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