Better buckle up and follow the traffic laws... law enforcement is working overtime this weekend to make sure this is a safe summer in Siouxland.

Six police agencies from the tri-state area are taking part in a Traffic Safety Project. Extra troopers, deputies and officers are on duty.

They'll be on the look-out for people driving aggressively, speeding, following too closely and not stopping at stop sign and red lights.

There will also be an emphasis on getting drunk drivers off the roads.

Police say they're expecting many folks on the road this weekend.

Sgt. Bill Fitzgerald, Nebraska State Patrol, says "Well, there's a high amount of traffic that comes through here on the weekends and there's concerts in town tonight and there's a motorcycle get together down on 4th Street in Sioux City and that traffic ultimately comes from all over, including Nebraska and that's why we're out here."

Sgt. Anthony Melaragno, South Dakota Highway Patrol, says "Of course, we're going to watch for speeding and other issues tonight... just try to keep the crashes down."

Law enforcement agencies work together once or twice a year to target traffic violations.

Sgt. Dave Eral, Iowa State Patrol, says "So, the public really is aware that we're working together and really want people to travel safely to and from."

Police remind drivers to buckle up, drive cautiously and use a sober designated driver when needed.

Updated: June 15, 2007, 10:11 pm