A mobile laser speed gun could soon be catching motorists around Wellington under new plans from police.

West Mercia Police has approached Wellington Town Council to ask if it is interested in part-funding the equipment. It would be used to tackle speed hotspots and improve safety on the roads around the town. However, councillors have requested an officer speaks to them before they decide whether to support the plan or not.

They also want to look at alternatives to a gun including flashing anti-speed signs, which illuminate with the speed limit and a “slow down” message when motorists are exceeding the limit.

Howard Perkins, town council clerk, said an approach had been received last week about a gun and it was discussed at a meeting on Tuesday.

Mr Perkins: “Councillors decided they wanted to hear more about the problem and we have written asking for someone to come and speak about it.”

He added that councillors do not have specific issues at the moment, but they want to find out more and look at the alternatives.

The Safer Roads Partnership in West Mercia, which recently took over from the West Mercia Safety Camera Partnership in organising cameras in the force area, said police could operate their own guns independently, but it may part-fund one with the council.

In April new rules came into force which mean speed cameras can now be sited in spots which do not necessarily have a history of serious accidents.

Funding now goes to the partnership through Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire County councils, rather than directly from Central Government.

It was suggested the move would give campaigners and councils more say over cameras.

The guns can be operated by volunteers who are trained by officers. They stand at designated points on 30mph or 40mph zones with the device and note down the registration numbers of cars breaking the speed limit.

In May Wrockwardine Parish Council members decided to contribute £1,000 towards buying a similar gun for the area.

The issue was raised after fears someone could be killed if action is not taken to reduce the speed of vehicles in the parish which covers Admaston.

A decision will be made by Wellington Town Council over whether to fund the idea at a later meeting.

By Dave West