There's a new speed-camera cop in town
American Traffic Solutions takes over Scottsdale's enforcement program

Jane Larson
The Arizona Republic
Jun. 17, 2007 10:44 PM
A new company is taking over Scottsdale's photo-enforcement program, effective July 1, and drivers will encounter three new intersections at which to heed their speed.

Scottsdale-based American Traffic Solutions Inc. won the three-year contract in May, beating out the previous photo-enforcement company, Redflex Traffic Systems Inc., a division of Australia-based Redflex Holdings Ltd.

ATS also has contracts with Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale and Avondale.

The latest contract covers 11 red-light or speed-enforcement cameras on Scottsdale streets and operation of four roving photo-radar vans.

Six camera locations will remain the same, and three will be added. Cameras in two locations, on Pima Road at Pinnacle Peak Road and Hayden Road at McCormick Parkway, will be deactivated.

Scottsdale's contract with ATS also would include the six speed-enforcement cameras along Scottsdale's stretch of Loop 101. An agreement between Scottsdale and the Arizona Department of Public Safety that would have the state administer freeway speed enforcement through Scottsdale's contractor is expected to be approved Tuesday by the Scottsdale City Council.

Drivers should notice little effect of the switch in city contractors.

"Hopefully, it will be transparent to the public," said Sgt. Mark Clark, spokesman for the Scottsdale Police Department. "It will function the same way."

Drivers who travel at 11 mph or more above the posted speed limits will still be ticketed, Clark said. Speeding fines start at $162.

Redflex will continue to run its cameras for as many as 27 days after July 1, as the two vendors coordinate the removal of Redflex's equipment and the installation of ATS' equipment. Scottsdale leases the equipment from the vendors, and the vendors are responsible for maintenance.