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    Default CA - Highway 12 Traffic Fines May Double

    Legislation seeking to reduce the number of deadly traffic accidents along a dangerous stretch of Highway 12 is moving forward in the state legislature. The Senate Transportation Committee passed measures Tuesday that would allow law enforcement to double fines for traffic violations along the portion of Highway 12 dubbed "Blood Alley."

    "This is an urgency bill because the carnage must stop," said Fairfield Mayor Harry Price.

    The Solano County representative joined more than a dozen law enforcement officials, local residents and crash victims at the State Capitol Tuesday supporting legislation by Assem. Lois Wolk, D-Davis.

    She is carrying two measures, AB 112 and ACR 7 that would pave the way for higher traffic fines. Both bills passed Tuesday and must face a few more committee tests before going to the full Senate for a vote. The measures have already cleared the state Assembly.

    Traffic collisions have claimed six lives this year along Highway 12 between Interstate 80 and Interstate 5.

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    Increased fines won't reduce fatalities.

    Fixing the road to make it safer, or an increased VISIBLE enforcement presence, will.

    Sounds like a revenue grab to me.
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