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    Default PA - Plumstead to eye township speeders

    Plumstead to eye township speeders

    The Intelligencer

    You may want to slow down when driving through Plumstead.

    The police department plans to dip into its overtime budget to put officers on patrol for speeding cars, after widespread complaints from residents.

    On Tuesday night, supervisors gave the go-ahead to the push, which Police Chief Duane Hasenauer said he can cover with his current $100,000 overtime allocation.

    Hasenauer said he fields about a dozen phone calls a day from residents complaining about speeding vehicles.

    The calls involve “just about every street in the township,” he said.

    The request comes as supervisors have pushed for reduced speed limits on two main thoroughfares in town: Route 413 and Stump Road.

    But that bid has been rejected by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, which says traffic studies show lower limits aren't merited.

    Heightened enforcement was praised by supervisors, who said they receive many of the same calls that Hasenauer does.

    “I think it would be money that residents would say is well spent,” said Supervisor Betsy Helsel.

    Quipped Kevin Malobisky, a Geddes Way resident: “Just tell us which streets and which times.”

    Also Tuesday, supervisors met behind closed doors to discuss several possible candidates for township manager, a position that has been vacant since March.

    One resident announced she is setting up a Web site,, to offer information about a potential lawsuit settlement that would expand Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority's footprint in town.

    Barbara Glassman, an opponent of the deal, said she also plans to hold community meetings on the issue.
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    Default ENRADD

    I wonder if this local department has ENRADD units yet. If not, enforcing every street will be extremely difficult with VASCAR alone.

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    No they just use white lines and stop watches, I live right near this place and travel through there all the time.

    The real problem is they have roads where two cars can barely fit side by side on the roads and lots of new housing developments. Also, they never did traffic studies and stuck 25 MPH speed limits all over the place next to road which are 45 and 50. These people take about maintaining the country feel of the area and refuse to widen the road and make them safe. Many of the roads have no shoulder, if you misjudge you could end up in a ditch with thousands of $ of damages on your car and these same people who worry about speeder could care less.

    The reason people are complaining is because some of these people are long time residents who never saw a car on their roads 10 yrs ago and today you have lots and also you have lots of young kids. I know where most all the kids are so I tend to driver slower then the speed limits in those areas. I am not interested in hurting anyone kids even of I was driving the speed limit.

    Just today there was a women walking down the road and she could not mover over off the road and the car coming towards here went into my lane to void her and almost forced me off the road and we were not doing more than 20 MPH

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    Default mess

    Geez... what a mess.



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