GREEN BAY (WFRV) - In the last month, the Green Bay Police Department has gotten an increased number of complaints about speeding - and they're doing something about it.

The area with the most complaints is 9th Street and West Point Road on the city's west side. Even though the speed limit is 25mph, the average speed is closer to 38mph.

Thursday, officers were out in force to slow drivers down.

"Speed factors into a lot of things," stressed Lt. Brad Florence of the GBPD. "It factors into crashes, traffic noise. It's just something the public is demanding the police department work on - and we're working on it."

During the crackdown, Green Bay Police are enforcing a zero tolerance policy. This means drivers will not get off with a warning - they'll be issued a ticket.

This time the department alerted the public about the extra enforcement in advance, but it didn't seem to matter very much.

Officers still handed out 50 speeding tickets in a six hour period. They plan to continue the stepped up enforcement in that area until next Tuesday.

And beware - next time they won't be giving the public a heads up as to what area they will be targeting.