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    Default W. AU - Signs to warn of speed cameras

    Signs to warn of speed cameras
    22nd June 2007, 13:30 WST

    Are you speeding? This is the question which will soon be posed to motorists moments before they pass a Multanova speed camera.

    Calling it "driver-friendly" multanova use, the police launched their new approach to tackling the states road toll today, only hours after a man was killed in a three-car collision on the Mitchell Freeway, bringing the State's road toll to 113.

    A new bright blue police road patrol car will be on the streets from next week, and as of July 1 some Multanovas will be flagged by warning signs.

    A sign asking motorists ĎAre You Speeding?í will be placed before the speed trap, and a second sign will appear after it, reminding motorists, 'Anywhere, Anytime'.

    Assistant Commissioner John McRoberts said the signs would only be placed with some Multanovas so the message of 'Anywhere, Anytime', was not lost.

    He also suggested the signs would encourage greater support for speed cameras in the community.

    "This is a new idea that we think will be welcomed by the community," Mr McRoberts said.

    "I think it will allay their fears about our motives for operating speed cameras and Iím confident that over the next six months we will see a reduction on the number of motorists who regularly speed on our roads," he said.

    "What we hope to do with the launch of the new signs is to engage with the community, get them to work with us to recognise that speed is a significant factor in serious injuries and deaths on our roads."

    The signs will be placed with both metropolitan and regional Multanovas.

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    The funny thing is 2006 was the worst road toll for many years, and in 2007 (to date) is even more than last year at the same time, despite increasing speeding fines from Jan 1st

    It's obvious the speed cameras aren't lowering the road toll, yet they continue to bash them down our throats as safety devices.



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