Speed-enforcement campaign starts Sunday
Submitted by Pat Minelli on June 28, 2007 - 12:26pm.
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Shakopee and other area police officers, sheriff’s deputies and State Patrol troopers will accelerate patrols to curb speeding motorists during a special enforcement campaign from July 1 through Aug. 12.

Over the last five years, speed was a contributing factor in 15 deaths in Scott County and in 843 deaths statewide.

Speeding is the most commonly reported factor in fatal crashes — especially during the summertime, the deadliest period on Minnesota roads, according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Each year in Minnesota, speed contributes to about 150 traffic deaths and 7,000 injuries.

“Ideal road conditions lead to motorists increasing speeds and ignoring speed limits,” said Shakopee police officer Nicki Marquardt. “Get in the habit of checking your speedometer, or get in the habit of meeting us on the shoulder of the road.”

Marquardt cautions motorists traveling during the summer to give themselves plenty of time to reach their destination to avoid the urge to speed. She noted that speeding doesn’t save much travel time and greatly increases the risk of a crash. Traveling at 55 mph vs. 45 mph for a 10-mile journey will save only two and one-half minutes of travel time, she said.

The speed enforcement effort is a Safe & Sober campaign coordinated DPS. The effort will include hundreds of law enforcement agencies partnering statewide throughout summer.

In Minnesota, speeding fines are doubled if a motorist is caught speeding 20 mph or more over the limit, and drivers traveling 100 mph or more are subject to a six-month license revocation.

The Safe & Sober education and enforcement campaign is funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and designed to reduce the number of traffic crashes and injuries.