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    Default Montana Police admit quota..

    Are they saying that a LEo can stop anyone now for no reason?
    Do I understand this correctly??

    Guideline, not a quota....yeah right!! hahahahahahaha

    New story:
    MHP Author: News Leader Staff 7/07/05

    Colonel Paul Grimstad of the MHP said this is a guideline, not a quota aimed at reducing traffic accidents and drunk driving. He said the stops don't have to result in officers giving you a ticket. The requirement went into effect on Monday. The legislature increased the number of Highway Patrol Officers and Grimstad said they want to see results.

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    Montana Highway Patrol officers are now required to stop at least one vehicle per hour while patrolling state roads
    I suppose if your job is to patrol the highway, stopping folks WITH CAUSE on a regualr basis is reasonable and expected.

    I'd hate to think that way out in Montanna, a cop watches a lonely road and in 1 hour only one car passes, and you get pulled over for no reason other than to satisfy the "guideline". That would not be right, but if I were to guess were it possible to find at least one person deserving a stop each hour, I'd say it should be easy enough.




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