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    Default Arizona Highway Patrol in High Speed Chase with Weinermobile

    Arizona State Troopers were involved in a high speed chase yesterday through the streets and freeways of Tucson trying to catch the elusive "Weinermobile." The 27 foot long, 11 foot high, hot dog shaped promotional vehicle managed to avoid pursuit for for ninety minutes before being cornered in a downtown construction zone.

    Officials from the Arizona Department of Health arrived quickly to discover that the Hot Dog was not really all that hot! The interior temperature of the vehicle did not reach at least 140 degrees, making it illegal to sell as it was in the "food temperature danger zone."

    Officials of parent companies Oscar Mayer and Der Weinerschnitzel were ordered to destroy the hot dog as it was unsafe to eat. They were also told to ensure in the future that all of their food products were kept at higher temperatures to prevent food borne illness and food poisoning of their patrons.

    One officer at the scene, discussing the high speed chase, said, "I did not relish the thought of having to chase down such an American symbol. It took us a while to ketchup with them, they were going so fast. The driver was being a real hot dog on the streets, however, and needed to be stopped. Frankly, I wish they'd keep these promotional vehicles off the streets. All in all, I'd have to say it was a real coney experience."
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    I can frankly say THAT'S a good story. I'm surprised the driver mustered up the courage to drive it that fast!



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