By Teresa Jun, KOLD News 13

It's been about one month since major construction work began on I-10, to widen the freeway to four lanes in each direction. The work has forced a 5-mile stretch of the freeway to be reduced to 2 lanes in each direction, with no on-and-off-ramps. The speed limit in this zone is reduced to 45mph, but many freeway drivers are going much faster.

"I've seen drivers going 55 to 60 miles per hour," said Officer Quentin Mehr with the Arizona Department of Public Safety. "And I know other officers have seen some drivers going even faster."

Ever since the exit ramps closed on I-10 between Prince and I-10, turning the freeway into a straight-away, officers have been busy. "We've seen an increase of citations coming across our desks," Officer Mehr said. "People being stopped for speeding inside the traffic zone."

And just because there aren't any shoulders on the road, don't think officers won't try and pull you over if you're speeding. "You can bet that speeder is going to be stopped," Officer Mehr said. "We'll follow them through the zone until we can get out to a safe spot, and then pull them over."

In the next few weeks, ADOT will be posting traffic signs along the 45-mph lanes, alerting drivers that fines will double in the construction zone.