City Speeders Face $50 Fines If Caught On Camera Starting Sunday Night
2,539 Get Warning Citations In Just 3 Weeks
posted July 13, 2007

Those caught on camera speeding after midnight Sunday will be getting $50 tickets in the mail from city of Chattanooga Police.

Lt. David Roddy said during a three-week warning period, there were 2,539 citations sent out.

And that was with a mobile van out of service much of that time. It is now back in operation, and there will be a second van patrolling local streets and highways as well.

The vans will be moved from site to site around the city.

Lt. Roddy said it takes about 15 minutes to handle a traditional traffic stop. He said, armed with the cameras, "an officer can impact 20-30-40-50 drivers."

Most of the warnings were given on the dangerous Hixson Pike S Curves, where four stationary cameras are set up.

One driver who apparently regularly speeds through the S Curves got nine warnings.

Lt. Roddy said the cameras give some "leeway" over the posted speed limit, but he declined to say how much.

He said, "The message is to slow down, or you are going to be paying $50. We hope we can change driving habits and see a decline in all these serious wrecks we have been having."

He said officials of the Lasercraft firm that provides the camera system will be going to court to testify in cases where someone contests a ticket.

Lt. Roddy said the camera tickets do not add points to a person's driving record and do not affect a person's insurance.

He said red light cameras are also planned in Chattanooga, but that is "down the road."