First off heres a link to the VIDEO for the following news story.
*Note they show a UNIDEN Detector in the video

*Instant On is hard to detect, but get one of the top 5 detectors and you can pick up the instant on burst from further away!

Louisiana State Police warn that if you think radar detectors will prevent you from getting caught speeding, you should think again.

"They serve best as an early warning system letting you know you're about to get a ticket, " Trooper Doug Pierrelee said.

Pierrelee said police ticket people with radar detectors almost every day.

"They figured the radar detector was going to help them, but that's not the case," Trooper Casey Wallace added.

Wallace said all it takes to catch a speeder nowadays is one very quick push of a button on the radar "gun."

Benton Police Officer Randall Matlock runs radar on Highway 3 and writes about 25 speeding tickets a week. He estimates about a fourth of those he tickets have detectors.