Bremerton, WA, City Council approves traffic cameras


BREMERTON, Wash. -- By a vote of 8 to 1, the Bremerton City Council has approved the installation this fall of cameras to catch red-light runners and school zone speeders.

Red-light violators will receive a $124 ticket in the mail, a citation that could be challenged in Bremerton's Municipal Court, while school zone speeders will be fined $189.

City Councilman Adam Brockus cast the only no vote today. Brockus says he wasn't able to overcome all of his "Big Brother" concerns.

Council President Will Maupin and Councilman Brad Gehring were initially against the photo enforcement idea. But they changed their minds after discussing it with the city's police and engineering staff.

After the vote, Maupin said the program had the added benefit of allowing officers to focus on other crime.

(Kitsap Sun)