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    Default PA - Are Roosevelt Boulevard's Red Light Cameras Working?

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    Default phili red light cameras

    I heard all the cameras in phili have to be non-digital film by law and that the sprays (photoblocker, photostopper) still work on them.

    Good deal for $20-$30 spray if your around phili and if thats true.

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    I tend to believe this did help the issue on that road, I have traveled that road and similar ones in Philadelphia. I can tell you I have sat at red lights and watch it turn green and see someone run the red light 2 or 3 seconds after my light turned green.

    I learned never to pull out when the lights turn green Philly, you would take you life in your hands if you did.

    Also, PA has a well defined law to uses these cameras, complete traffic surveys must be done, and the yellow delay must be set uniformly across all the lights, and people are told where these lights are and the picture is not taken right as the light turning red.

    I think those studies that states the red light cameras cause more accident has more to due with those local cities who hired these companies to put these things in to generate money under the guise of improving safety.



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