Cameras soon may catch speeders

July 26, 2007
By Casey Toner, The Star

Speeders and red light violators, Richton Park officials soon may have a digital eye on you.

Village officials heard a presentation from Red Flex Traffic System at Monday night's planning session, the first step in bringing traffic cameras to the village.

Mayor Rick Reinbold said Tuesday afternoon that Red Flex is hoping to install cameras at the village's busiest intersections to catch offenders speeding or blowing through red lights.

If approved, the cameras might stake out Sauk Trail at Governors Highway and at Cicero Avenue.

"Based on their presentation they did to the board, they can install cameras that will document people running red lights and generate notification to the violators," Reinbold said.

"From the public safety perspective, the data shows there have been dramatic reductions in accidents where systems are in place."

Reinbold said, if approved, the new systems would not cost the village any money.

Instead, the funds for the traffic cameras would be generated from money collected due to the offenses.

Officials said money generated from the cameras is governed by state statute. The maximum fee for a mail in ticket is $100.

"What we've indicated is that we're in favor of the company coming out and doing an assessment of our major intersections to see where it would be best," Reinbold said.

"We have no intention of having these devices on every corner."

Reinbold said, if issued, tickets from the cameras would not count against the driver's record and are not reported to the secretary of state or insurance companies.

The cameras would capture the driver, the car, and the traffic light in three frames: before, in the middle of, and after going through the intersection. Offenders would be able to retrieve these photographs on the Internet.

Furthermore, the village has the opportunity to receive revenue from the traffic cameras but said Red Tech did not go into further detail in Monday's presentation.

"If we had opportunity to utilize and implement technology that will reduce accidents at intersections and improve safety, I think that's a huge benefit to the community," Reinbold said.

In order for the cameras to be installed in the village, the cameras would have to be cleared by the village, the county and state.

Officials said the issue will come again for board approval.
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