By Mike D’Amour
News Leader Pictorial

Jul 28 2007

Traffic cops say they’re pleasantly surprised by the results of a recent crackdown on the Trans-Canada Highway.

On Wednesday, police set up traps at Trunk Road, Coronation Avenue and Beverly Street — the three highest crash locations in the Valley.

In all, said RCMP Const. Dave Hay of South Island Traffic Services, a whopping 18,222 vehicles were checked by Speedwatch volunteers who were looking for people who failed to yield, tailgaters, drivers who ignored traffic devices, improper passing and, of course, lead foots.

Surprisingly, the vast majority of drivers, 11,878 of them, were driving at or below the speed limit.

However, cops didn’t have to worry about their ticket-writing hands atrophying — nearly 5,000 drivers were travelling at speeds between one to 10-kilometres over the limit.

Another 1,362 were pressing their luck driving at speeds between 11 and 20-kilometres over and nearly 170 drivers flipped the bird at the posted speed limit and were clocked at more than 20-kilometres over.

Police issued 34 tickets in all which included traffic-related offences, one drug offence and nabbing a prohibited driver.

Cops also seized a stolen car during the crackdown.

“Our goal,” said Hay, “is to reduce the number and severity of high-risk driving behaviour related crashes in Duncan/North Cowichan … because we want to make Canada’s roads the safest in the world.”