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    Default Traffic Defense Attorney Leads the Call to Repeal Unfair Tra

    Virginia Traffic Defense Attorney Leads the Call to Repeal Unfair Transportation Funding Bill

    NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Freeport, FL, United States, 07/30/2007 - Traffic defense attorney Bob Battle says Virginia’s state slogan should be changed to “Virginia is for Speed Traps.” Mr. Battle is protesting the new Virginia Transportation Funding Bill.

    Mr. Battle is protesting the new Virginia Transportation Funding Bill that forecasts $100 million will be collected during fiscal year 2007 under a new law that adds additional fees to fines for Virginia drivers convicted of reckless driving/speeding and DUI offenses.

    “From court clerks to police officers, people are fed up with the scope and severity of the new law. It’s ridiculous that the Commonwealth of Virginia would budget $100 million to pad their coffers and exploit the very residents they have sworn to serve”, says Mr. Battle.

    In addition to supporting a petition to repeal the VA “Civil Remedial Fees” for Traffic Offenses, Mr. Battle has designed a t-shirt that commemorates his feelings about the issue. The front of the t-shirt uses the new slogan, while the back of the t-shirt invokes Sammy Hagar’s rock classic “I can’t drive 65”. The t-shirts are for sale for $19.99 at his website, and can be customized to add one’s own images to the front or back, other products will be added soon.

    Mr. Battle makes a strong case for the unconstitutionality of the Bill. “These additional fees are unconstitutional for two reasons: first, they are a separate and additional punishment that violates the Double Jeopardy Clause; and the additional fees are in direct violation of the Equal Protection Clause since they unfairly apply only to Virginia drivers.” He also notes, “this is kicking people lower income families when they’re already down. Not only are these Virginia drivers losing their licenses with a conviction under the new law, their inability to pay such ridiculously high fees only digs them into a deeper hole.”

    About Bob Battle

    Richmond traffic lawyer Bob Battle devotes about 95 % of his practice to traffic defense- defending those charged with DUI and Reckless Driving/Speeding. His high-profile winning defenses of numerous pro athletes and 2 books about DUI have made him the “first round draft pick” of Virginia DUI defendants. He is also well-known among his colleagues for his winning defenses in traffic cases for stationary and moving radar, as well as aerial VASCAR tickets. His website is below and his popular blog on Virginia and national traffic issues can be found by searching.
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    Adding fees to traffic offences is stupid.......BUT hammer the snot and multiply the fines to DUI...they are the danger on the road to all!



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