WALDO COUNTY (NEWS CENTER) -- If you're breaking the speed limit this summer, there's a greater chance of seeing blue lights in the mirror. Police departments in many parts of Maine are getting help to crack down on speeders.

The Waldo County Sheriff's Department is one of 48 law enforcement agencies that were awarded grants to help run special speed enforcement details. The money pays for overtime, so extra officers can be brought in to catch speeders.

Waldo County Sheriff Scott Story says speeding is a very serious problem in the county. He says it's not unusual to find drivers going 20 or even 30 miles over the posted limit. And he says they hear many complaints from the public about speeding.

"It's a quality of life issue for people too. They want to be able to walk their dog, go out with their kids, ride a bike. And they don't feel safe doing it when people are driving fast," said Sheriff Story.

The sherrif's department is hoping word will get around about the extra speeding details, and that more drivers will hear the warning to slow down.

The Maine Bureau of Highway Safety has handed out a total of $278,000 in grants to police departments to help slow down speeders. The money froms from the federal government.

The bureau says 72 people died because of speeding last year in Maine.