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    Default Beaverton's PD.'s Officer's ticket has been dismissed!

    Beaverton police officer's speeding ticket dismissed

    By Frank Lenzi

    AM 860 KPAM, Aug 3, 2007, Updated 15.9 hours ago (5 Reader comments)

    The citation issued to a Beaverton police officer for speeding has been dismissed.

    Officer Jessica Hull was appealing her $125 ticket. The Beaverton Municipal Court had sent a notice to the DMV to remove the conviction from Hull’s record pending that appeal. However, the wording of that notice gave the Circuit Court reason to believe that there was no longer a judgment to be appealed.

    “The judge apparently did not like the language that our court uses and has…very strongly suggested that he will dismiss it,” said City of Beaverton Chief of Staff Linda Adlard. “We felt that it was in the interest of the court process to dismiss the citation.”

    The City of Beaverton said late Friday afternoon that it has taken steps to revise the notice to the DMV in these types of cases.

    “The biggest issue is that the City of Beaverton will continue to prosecute any employee, whether it’s a police officer or any other employee, just as we do our citizens when they break the law,” Adlard said.

    Hull, 29, was reportedly caught on a photo-radar camera driving her patrol car 40 mph in a 30-mph zone on April 16, 2006, in the 12400 block of Southwest Allen Boulevard. She was on duty, but not responding to a call.

    Her lawyer, James McIntyre, had originally argued that her case should be dismissed on the grounds that city officials violated state law by refusing to drop the case after being advised to do so by the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office.

    He also attacked the city for waiting too long to bring the case to trial and failure to use a certified police officer to operate its photo radar van.

    Christina Lent of The Beaverton Valley Times contributed to this report
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    Default photo radar

    Nice... it's good to see that photo radar bothers some cops as much as it does the general population.



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