By Megan Skaggs
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The Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement is using a new tool to catch speeders. You may see it most along I-75 near Laurel County.

Officers are using a mini-van that appears to be broken-down on the side of the road, but in reality, it is a hide-out for Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement to catch speeders who drive by. One officer sits inside the van and uses a laser to catch unsuspecting speeders, while just ahead, a unit is ready and waiting for the description of the vehicle so they can pull them over.

Officers tell Action News 36 they've been using this new detail quite a bit since the speed limit along I-75 has increased to 70 miles per hour. They say driving in a marked car makes it very difficult to catch speeders because they slow down as soon as they see the cruiser, then speed up once they're past them. Officer say this "broken-down" mini-van helps level the playing field, and it has been very successful.

Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement say this detail is about more than catching speeders. it's about promoting safety. K.V.E. also tells Action News 36, that another advantage is the ability to pull over commercial trucks who frequently warn other trucks through their radios, of the police presence when they see it. They say that the ability to pull over those commercial trucks allows them to also check their log books and shipping papers to make sure they're following federal regulations.