Bike mounted speed cameras begin to target drivers in East Yorkshire
by Conrad Murray last modified 05-08-2007 06:16

Motorbikes fitted with speed cameras are being used to catch motorists for speeding for the first time in East Yorkshire.

Police hope the bike-mounted cameras which are funded by the East Riding Casualty Reduction Partnership will act as a deterrent to speeding drivers.

So far this year 107 people, including 31 motorcyclists, have been killed or seriously injured on roads in the area. The camera will record drivers' behaviour and monitor speed. Footage can be used to help form prosecutions.

Pc Glen Dennis, from Humberside Police, said: "During the summer months we get an influx of visitors to the county as well as people wanting to enjoy the countryside. We welcome safe and careful drivers and those who drive in an anti-social manner will face prosecution and the camera footage can help with that. We also want to educate people about safer driving techniques and motorists will be spoken to about their behaviour."