Mass police patrols nabs speed limit offenders
Lynsey Bradley
Midland Reporter-Telegram

- More than 50 citations handed out in one day this week as police spread message that drivers need to slow down.

Midland police worked mass directed patrols Thursday, scoping out local areas to surprise drivers exceeding speed limits. More than 50 Midlanders were issued citations.

"The stats speak for themselves. We have a high noncompliance rate," said Sgt. Bruce Williams of the Midland Police Department. "The speed limit is not a suggestion."

Between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Thursday, 53 hazardous driving violations were cited in the 800 and 5700 blocks of Andrews Highway and the 3000 block of Golf Course Road.

The bulk of the speeding violations were given in the 5700 block of Andrews Highway, which equaled a total of 29 tickets.

While the speed limit for that area is 55 mph, the lowest speed for which a ticket was given was 66 mph. The highest speed was 89 mph.

Williams said officers chose those areas because of their high traffic volume.

"We've done this twice in the last month. Last week was just as fruitful," he said.

Officials reported that the MPD and the city often hear concerns from citizens regarding speeders along Loop 250, and drivers on service roads failing to yield to traffic from the loop.

"What we're trying to do is to attain, through active enforcement, voluntary compliance with the law," Williams said. "We will be instituting this action more often, as much as time and personnel will allow. It will happen a lot more often with a lot less warning.

"Reverent fear is not a bad thing."