Alabama Department of Public Safety Director Chris Murphy is crisscrossing the state this week to promote a state troopers traffic enforcement blitz which begins Monday.

Murphy is in Birmingham this morning and will go to Huntsville this afternoon. He will be in Mobile on Thursday.

Murphy ordered all DPS employees with arrest powers on the road next week for an enforcement blitz focusing on speeders, tailgaters and reckless drivers.

An addition 15 troopers will patrol the Birmingham area. One trooper will be assigned to cover every 10 miles of interstate. There will be an additional 15 troopers in the Birmingham area. Night patrols will inspect vehicles for proper brakes and lights.

Troopers also will check driver licenses, proof of insurance, seat belts and child restraints.

The director said he wants the additional troopers on the roads from Monday through Friday to show Alabamians how enforcement will curb traffic deaths.

Ginny MacDonald