Efforts to stop speeders won't slow anytime soon
Published Tuesday, August 7, 2007 11:51:58 AM Central Time

By Shannon Green


MONROE -- The Monroe Police Department's speed enforcement campaign will continue for the foreseeable future.

The campaign, aided by new laser speed evidence equipment, has been successful, Police Chief Fred Kelley told Monroe Public Safety Committee members Monday night.

"We wrote nine tickets in eight hours," he said.

Some of the areas the police will increase patrol include Eighth Street between Wisconsin 69 and Sixth Avenue West; some of the blocks off the Square in the 15 mph zones; Sixth Street from 20th Avenue to the east city limits; 16th and 17th avenues north of downtown; and 21st Street from 11th Avenue to Wis. 69.

Kelley said complaints have risen and his department has been asked to step up enforcement.

"Speeding leads to accidents," Kelley said. "Statistics show there has been an increase in accidents in the city."

Speeders face fines of $160 or more. Enforcement will continue until there is a "marked reduction" of speeding in those areas.

"To avoid a citation it'd be better not to speed at all," Kelley said.