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    Default SC - Wednesday operation targeting I-77 speeders till 8/18

    COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - On Wednesday Interstate 77 will be under close watch, so keep an eye on your speedometer.

    The Columbia Police Department will work with the South Carolina Highway Patrol and the Richland County Sheriff's Department to target speeders and other traffic violators.

    The officers also plan to watch the interstate for the remainder of the week.
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    That trap was UN_FREAKING_REAL! I've been out of the speed game for a while but that one woke me up. My normal daily grind takes me down I-77 between 6:30 AM and 7, and you would have to have been asleep in order not to notice that something was up. The fog made it pretty easy to see the blue strobes ahead of time. :shock:

    At first I counted one...two...five...EIGHT cruisers with customers? Then I found the Hive: 10 more (counted them) lined up on a north-bound ramp. Then there was one straggler close to Bluff Rd. with somebody who must have either run or not noticed the cop had been behind him for five miles. The shooter was on an overpass with either LIDAR or VASCAR...I don't know because I've been out of the instrumentation loop. (Every overpass has VASCAR lines.) No more!

    This is what massive sting operations do. They bring formerly retired veterans out of retirement to figure out if we should buy a new V1 or belscort. C'mon, guys, how 'bout a hug. :wink:

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    Humm....... Lidar in Fog.

    From my understanding that taints the accuracy of Lidar.
    I'm very surprised they would use it in fog.

    I guess their loving their new Pro Laser III's
    even in fog.



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