Denton County Sheriff’s Office deputies will be working overtime to increase traffic patrols around the county and crack down on speeders during the North Texas State Fair and Rodeo and through Labor Day.

The increased patrols will concentrate on U.S. Highway 377, Farm-to-Market Road 455, U.S. Highway 380, State Highway 121, and Interstate 35E from Friday through Sept. 3.

“We try to coordinate the use of our resources to when it would do the most good,” Patrol Captain Mike Caley said. “More motorists will be on the roads traveling to meet friends and family with the rodeo and the last big holiday of the summer, and traffic accidents always increase as a result. We want to make the roads safer for all families by preventing as many accidents as possible.”

The overtime hours for the patrol deputies will be paid for by a state grant from the Texas Department of Transportation’s Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP). The program is a year-long effort to slow speeding drivers by concentrated enforcement of the speed limit laws to decrease crashes, injuries, and fatalities during peak traffic seasons.

The Sheriff’s Office received the $15,000 grant to pay the overtime costs for deputies to patrol roads with the highest percentages of speeders, as shown by a survey done last year.