(CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA CBS 3 has discovered that the Philadelphia Police appear to be writing fewer moving violations than they have in the past.

Statistics obtained from traffic court show that 17,000 fewer moving violation tickets have been filed in the last six months than during the same time last year.

Signs warning speeders line the Roosevelt Boulevard; however drivers seemed to be traveling well over the 40 mph speed limit.

Philadelphians who often travel the road were not surprised to hear about the lack of moving violations.

“I am on the road going 55, and they are going 70 and 80,” said one Northeast Philadelphia resident.

Traffic citations are down at a time when vehicular homicides are on the rise from last year. There has been a 19 percent increase of vehicular homicides this year compared to 2006.

“The more tickets that you write, maybe more people will slow down,” said one Philadelphian.

One theory on the lack of moving violations is that the police department has been spending more time fighting serious crime in the city as the homicide rate rises.

The Philadelphia police have agreed to talk to CBS 3 on Tuesday regarding this issue. Stay tuned to CBS 3 Eyewitness News for more information regarding the lack of moving violations.