The Department of Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement says police are stepping up enforcement of traffic laws on Interstate-75/71 in Northern Kentucky to try to reduce truck and car accidents on the heavily-traveled highway.

Beginning in September, and continuing the rest of this year, police will clamp down on violations such as excessive speeding, improper lane changing, reckless driving and driving too close to other vehicles, the department said.

Statistics in recent years for Kentucky show that 72 percent of all fatal crashes involving commercial motor vehicles are caused by a non-commercial motor vehicle driver. Interstate 75/71 in Northern Kentucky is one of the state's "most dangerous interstate corridors where commercial motor vehicles and passenger vehicles historically crash together," the department said.

The crackdown, which will be 80 percent federally funded, will focus on violations by all drivers on the highway from the Ohio River to the I-71/75 split.

Highways signs that say "Don't Get a Ticket, Leave More Space" are being posted along the targeted highways.

The department also plans to air radio advertisements across the state to educate motorists about the importance of leaving more space around all vehicles.