Patrol officers will look for traffic violations
The Edwardsville Police Department will gear up for its seventh special enforcement period on Monday.

Lt. Scott Evers said from Aug. 27 to Sept. 9 the department again will have extra officer on duty.

During these periods, Evers said the department beefs up the officers on duty.

"We bring in extra officers on overtime specifically for traffic enforcement," Evers said.

He said the officers that come in will focus on traffic violations like speeding and driving under influence (DUI).

During the special enforcement period, there will also be a zero tolerance policy in effect for alcohol related violations and seat belt/child safety restraint violations.

Moreover, the department will have seat belt enforcement zones set-up at various locations in the city.

Evers said the special enforcement period is dedicated to traffic enforcement.

"A lot of times we are too busy and do not devote a lot of time to traffic enforcement. This allows us to bring officer back in and enforce traffic and make the roads safe for everybody," he said.

"Our community is growing and we are trying to make streets as safe as possible."

Evers said the amount of officers on overtime during the period varies.

"Some nights we will bring in one guy, some nights we will bring in three."

He said the overtime does not cost the department.

"We are reimbursed through the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)," Evers said.

The special enforcement periods are funded by an IDOT grant.

"We have no expense," Evers said.

The department conducts the special enforcement periods at various times though out the year.

The idea is to reduce alcohol violations by monitoring the public, as well as reduce traffic crash injuries and fatalities.

At the same time, the program hopes to highlight to the public the importance of obeying traffic laws, the costs associated with traffic citations fines and DUI costs.

Evers said the Edwardsville Police Department has been effective during the special enforcement periods.

"It has been highly successful. We write a lot of drunk driving and suspend drivers licence tickets," he said.

During the last period, from June 25 through July 8, the department netted 222 traffic violations, as well as 11 DUI citations.

The tickets also include one zero-tolerance, 31 seatbelt, 7 child safety restraints and 5 suspended/revoked drivers licence violations.