Mobile speed laser to be installed in Guntur
Guntur, August 24: The next time, you wroom away on the bike or jump the traffic signal, be sure your misadventure will prove costly. A snap shot captured on the lurking mobile speed laser is enough for the police to mail you and charge you for the misdemeanour.

Days after the Guntur police acquired a high-end mobile laser speed and imaging device, the cops are set to operate the laser gun on select roads on an experimental basis. ``One area we are targeting is the Lakshmipuram road, which has been witnessing frequent road accidents. Lot of boys and girls break the speed barrier and touch speeds up to 70-80 kmph,” said Traffic Sub Inspector Ch. Ravi Babu. Among the select group of traffic policemen who have undergone training on the operation of the high-end device, Ravi Babu said that the new device is exciting and easy to use. The device consists of a speed measurement laser, pocket PC and a fully programmable and high-speed camera that interfaces with the pocket PC. The laser, which is the primary sensor in the system, measures the vehicle’s speed and distance. The laser then transmits the date to the pocket PC. Customized software, ipaq, controls the functioning of the laser. All the specifications, like the permissible speed, distance and the vehicle type should be preset in the laser.

The other component, pocket PC, after receiving the measurement date from the laser, transfers the date to the camera’s buffer. If the measured speed is greater than the user-defined speed limit, the pocket PC saves the measurement and the date. SP Mahesh Chandra Laddha said that the device would also be used for surveillance purposes.