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    Default CA - Covina Red Light Camera Control System Smashed

    Police are holding two men accused of destroying a red light camera control box in Covina, California.

    The control box for a red light camera in Covina, California was attacked and severely damaged last Friday. According to police accounts, a witness called 911 after noticing two men kick a control box until it flew off its post. The ticketing device on Azusa Avenue and Cypress Street suffered $2500 in damage.

    Police arrested Billy Gross, 28, and Tim Dunphy, 25, charging the pair with vandalism. Police claim the pair were drunk at the time. They are being held on $5000 bail.

    Since April, Covina has allowed ATS, a private vendor, to issue automated traffic tickets at three intersections. The city expects to generate $1.8 million annually from the program.

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    Default this

    This is because we the people don't like these items.

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    I wonder if *THIS* had anything to do with the motive;



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