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    Default Colorado: Gardening Truck Accused of Speeding 102 MPH Over L

    A speed camera in Fort Collins, Colorado accused a truck belonging to Earthpower Landscaping of barreling down a local road at 132 MPH. According to citation records placed online by the Coloradoan newspaper, a ticket camera photographed a GM pickup truck at 4:07pm on May 9 and accused it of violating the 30 MPH speed limit at 1400 West Vine by 102 MPH. Such speeds are unlikely in a commercial work vehicle. Even one of GM's most powerful trucks, the $45,000 GMC Sierra Denali, is limited to a top speed of just 99 MPH.

    The city did not pursue the $300 ticket and six license demerit points against the truck's owner. Fort Collins Police Sergeant Mike Trombley told the Coloradoan that it was probably an error, but he refused to say how many more innocent motorists were wrongly accused. In the past twenty months, the system has issued more than $540,000 worth of tickets with Redflex, the Australian company that operates the program, pocketing $181,000.

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    Man , I sure would like to pocket 180,000 for a violation like that 8)
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