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    Default Case challenging Metro speed guns

    Case challenging Metro speed guns could have wide impact

    Dickson Herald - Dickson,TN,USA
    Metro police officers have been using the guns in addition to radar devices for a few years, and police officers praise the lasers as more accurate measures ...

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    The fact that he was driving a truck makes it much easier for laser to acquire his speed. I don't know what the guy's reasoning is but 70 mph vs 69 mph is no big difference. A 1 mph +/- will probably stand in court.

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    So if the local courts haven't proven laser tech. before, they will have to now? Are the lawyers just arguing that the state needs to provide some sort of scientific data validating laser guns? Can they site out of state cases?

    Seems like it should be no big deal for the state to higher an expert to explain the technology once and for all.



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