Speed gun jammer earns driver ban
A businessman who tried to avoid a driving ban by fitting his car with a device which blocked police speed guns has been banned from driving.

John Eady, 61, was banned for 12 months and fined 5,000 at Doncaster Crown Court after earlier being found guilty of perverting the course of justice.

He had denied knowing the 350 device had been installed on his Range Rover.

The court heard Eady already had nine points on his licence for speeding offences when the device was fitted.

Police were alerted on 6 June last year when Eady drove through a 40mph zone where a mobile speed check was taking place.

Fitted 'by mistake'

Believing Eady to be speeding, an officer aimed a laser speed gun at the Range Rover but the speed was not registered and the gun instead showed an error message.

Police traced Eady to his home address and discovered the device, which can be used legally to open automatic garage doors and gates, fitted to the car.

There were no similar devices fitted to the door of his garage, which was used for storage.

During a four-day trial at Sheffield Crown Court, Eady told the jury he did not know the device was there and claimed it must have been fitted by mistake when other items were installed in the car on 25 March last year.

Sentencing Eady, judge Jacqueline Davies said the businessman, who had driven more than 140,000 miles in the past four years and travels all over the country for business, was trying to prevent losing his licence.

'Complete injustice'

She said: "Your licence is important to you and I am satisfied, as was the jury, that you took deliberate action in acquiring this equipment with a view to avoiding further points from a laser gun.

"By your actions you set to avoid prosecution for speeding. Speed limits are set for good purposes, there are too many accidents caused by speeding."

Eady, who owns a laboratory equipment business, was also ordered to pay 1,000 costs.

Speaking outside the court, Eady continued to deny knowledge of the device being on his car.

He described his sentence as "a complete injustice" and said the driving ban would have a negative effect on his business.

He said: "I am going to have to employ somebody to drive me for work which is going to be very expensive as I work very long hours. It's crazy."