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    Default PA - N. Strabane gets ENRADD.

    N. Strabane

    Device makes quick impact in N. Strabane
    by Bob Williams, Staff Writer

    Police in North Strabane will have "temporary custody" of a new speed-detecting machine which in its first hour and a half caught 20 speeders on Morganza Road.

    The new machine, called ENRADD (Electric Non RADar Device), is being used on a temporary, rotating basis by various police departments in western Pennsylvania.

    This particular unit is assigned to Bethel Park. It is small, with an aluminum frame less than two feet high, and consists of two receivers, one placed on either side of the road, which communicate with each other via laser beam. When a vehicle drives through and "breaks" the beam, the device is able to measure speed based on the length of time the beam is "broken."

    North Strabane will use the machine through Sept. 15, then it will be returned to Bethel Park.
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    ..beat you...repost

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    Flawed system

    What happens when a car is passing another and the "beam" is contanstly broken due to traffic or car passing...or trucks.

    It will never fly..



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