Blanchester PD steps up enforcement

County Editor

The Blanchester Police Department will start heightened enforcement of stop sign and traffic light violations starting today.

Police Chief Scott Reinbolt informed city fathers of the stepped-up enforcement at the Thursday night meeting of Blanchester Village Council.

“The initiative is the natural extension of the residential speed enforcement program the department engaged in over the summer,” said Reinbolt.

The police chief said the heightened enforcement is not about writing tickets, it’s about preventing accidents and injuries.

“With the start of school and the nice weather, there are many kids and families out and about on bicycles and on foot, as well as young, inexperienced drivers who are less than attentive to making complete stops,” Reinbolt said. “We had success in slowing traffic down in some areas over the summer with radar enforcement, so I hope we can have the same impact on stop sign and stop light violations.”

According to Ohio Highway Patrol figures, in 2006 13,000 crashes around the state were the result of failure to obey a stop light or stop sign, Reinbolt said. “In 2006, 79 Blanchester residents or visitors were involved in traffic crashes, with 16 of them sustaining injury.”Reinbolt hopes to reduce those numbers in 2007 and 2008 by using enforcement aimed at specific violations.