Highways 11/17 were an area of focus for a one-day commercial truck safety blitz by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Sept. 14.

Called Operation Corridor, OPP officers on the ground and in the air were targeting tractor trailers either speeding or committing moving safety violations during the 24-hour surveillance period.

Province-wide, a total of 1,200 vehicles were stopped and 385 charges laid in the areas along Highway 11/17 and on Highway 401 between Windsor and the Quebec border.

"We had officers out on all sections of Highway 401 and on Highway 11/17," said Chief Superintendent Bill Grodzinski, Commander of the Highway Safety Division, in a statement. "Unfortunately, we were just two hours into the initiative when we received notification that another truck driver had been killed in a single-vehicle crash."

Though individual regional statistics were not provided, the OPP said during the 24 hours of Operation Corridor, there were two crashes involving commercial vehicles, along with 188 speeding charges, 73 seatbelt charges, 62 equipment charges, and 25 of following too close.

Of the 25 motor vehicle crashes recorded in the first two weeks of September, 12 involved commercial vehicles.