By Tamica Smith
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Jackson Police patrolman Richard Polk spent much of Wednesday clocking speeders along I-220 in Jackson. He was not far from where a roadside memorial stands in honor of the two people killed in a recent crash. Investigators said someone driving at a high rate of speed caused it. Now JPD has increased patrol to make sure drivers slow down.

Polk stopped Faye Young for going seven miles over the speed limit, which is 70. She was aware of the 220 tragedies, and understood that why the officer had to give her a ticket. The way Polk sees it, he has done the community and Young a favor by slowing her down. I hate giving folks ticket like that but I got to do my job, said Polk.

An Arkansas man who police said triggered that three-car wreck that killed the two young people now faces murder charges. Ridgeland police say 28-year-old Shawn Hynes faces two counts of murder. He's still in the hospital. Police expect to arrest him when he's released. 24-year old Emily Irby and 17-year-old Mario Whipps were killed when Hynes lost control of his car, crossed the median and ran into each driver. Whipps was a high school junior. Irby was a nursing student. Irby and Whipps were in separate cars heading north on 220 when Hynes who was heading south crossed the median, and then ran into Irby's car and then Whipps'.

None of the four involved in the crash was wearing seat belts. Police said Irby was thrown from her vehicle. Ridgeland Police are investigating the crash since it happened on their end of 220.