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    Default NJ - You've been warned! Police launch speeding crackdown

    You've been warned! Police launch speeding crackdown
    Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 10/4/07


    HOWELL Now that the school year is under way, the Howell Township Police Department has started a new traffic calming initiative titled Three Strikes and You're Out.

    "Three Strikes and You're Out will mean just that," said Sgt. Joseph Markulic, of the department's Traffic Safety Unit. "The Howell Police will be targeting all speeders students, parents, school buses and commercial vehicles within the township, especially those who decide to speed in the area of a school zone."

    Markulic said motorists will be alerted to a roadway's speed limit by two advance warnings or strikes, in addition to the typical speed limit signs. The signs, all portable, some electronic, give warnings to not only reduce speed, but also indicate the road's limit and how fast the motorist is traveling.

    "If you decide to continue to travel over the posted speed limit after observing the two warnings or strikes you will be stopped by a Howell Police Officer and issued a speeding ticket after the third strike," Markulic said. "Just like in baseball, after your second strike you have one more chance to hit the ball, if you don't and it's a strike, you're out."

    Township Mayor Joseph DiBella said he commends the traffic safety unit for approaching a long time community concern head-on.

    "The number one complaint that I get as mayor is speeding in the community and aggressive driving," DiBella said. "I applaud the Police Department and the traffic safety division for being so creative and taking charge of the issue."

    Markulic said the initiative was created because of an increase in speeding complaints from concerned citizens, especially during school hours.

    "We will be increasing our efforts to slow drivers down," he said. "The Police Department is asking the residents of the town to take the lead and drive the posted speed limit."

    Markulic said he also is asking residents to take a stance against speeding motorists by documenting the license plates of violators.

    "If this information is retrieved it could be turned over to the Police Department for further contact with the violator or a complaint could be signed against the violator by the complainant," Markulic said.

    Along with the speeding initiative, the department will be keeping a watchful eye for vehicles passing school buses which have their red lights flashing, Markulic said.

    The Three Strikes and You're Out initiative is now under way and will continue through to the end of the school year or until the speeding complaints have subsided, he said.

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