Speeding drivers given a chance
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DRIVERS who break the law are being given the option of education or punishment this month.

Police are setting up check points throughout the county in October, targeting people who are speeding, driving while talking on their mobile or not wearing a seatbelt.

If caught they will be given a choice. Either take the traditional 60 penalty fine and three points. Or go on an educational course.

The scheme is being run by Bucks County Council and officers from the Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership.

Valerie Letheren, cabinet member for transportation, said, "We shall continue to raise awareness of road safety by talking to motorists.

"By carrying out these roadside checks we hope to make a difference to the way people think before driving each day."

The scheme is being run alongside the national THINK! Rural Speed Campaign, which aims to show that the problem is not just speeding but also driving too fast for conditions on rural roads.

Approximately 90 per cent of all deaths on the roads in Bucks occurred on rural roads.